Drunk driver causes collision in Ermelo, other driver injured | Ermelo

Two cars collided hard in Ermelo. One of the drivers was injured and was able to continue to the GP. The other driver had to go straight to the police station.

The accident happened on the Dokter van Dalelaan and Schoolpad on Saturday evening in Ermelo. A motorist did not give way to the car coming from the right. That car was hit in the side.

The police were called and both drivers had to take a breathalyzer test. This showed that the driver who did not give way had been behind the wheel with a big drink. He was immediately taken to the police station with the officers.

Headache and hip pain

The driver of the other car complained of a severe headache and a sore hip. The police officers who were present at the accident were in contact with the ambulance service and ensured that he could go to the GP station.

Both vehicles were severely damaged and were taken away by a salvage company. The road was temporarily closed as a result.