Drenthe is asking for 476 million euros at the last minute for solutions to the nitrogen problem

Suppose a dairy farmer who is a peak loader wants to stop voluntarily. Money from the government is available for this, but the farmer also wants to do something with his land. For example, because the value decreases due to the change from agricultural land to nature. Or the land may no longer be used for intensive livestock farming. The value of the land decreases and the farmer wants compensation for this.

Or you are not a peak loader and therefore cannot make use of the government’s buy-out scheme. (Peak loaders can receive a maximum of 120 percent of the value of their farm, other farmers cannot, ed.). According to Otter, extra money is also welcome for the non-peak loaders.

The money can also be used to help farmers to reduce their company’s nitrogen emissions through technical innovations.

The money is also needed for extra measures for nature restoration in the Netherlands Nature Network (NNN) in places where the nature restoration goals are not achieved. This is the case in many places, as shown by the nature target analyses. The money can also be used for the restoration of biodiversity outside the NNN.