All Drenthe municipalities – together with the province – have been awarded a total amount of 4.3 million euros for improving road safety. Four of the twelve municipalities in Drenthe have not submitted an application, but have been allocated money.

    Until 2030, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has provided via the Investment impulse road safety nationally a total of 500 million euros is available.

    In the first round, 165 million euros was available. In the second round that is 100 million euros. Of this, 75 million euros is now being allocated, including more than 4 million euros to the Drenthe municipalities and the province.

    They must double the amount allocated to the municipalities themselves and may only be used for the plans they have submitted. The road safety measures are mainly measures to reduce speed, such as intersection plateaus, speed bumps and the full downgrading of a 50 km/h road to a 30 km/h road.