Transfermarkt Podcast Episode 2

    “Mr. Abramovich, pay, pay and don’t talk.” José Mourinho, as Chelsea coach, once made this statement in the direction of the former club owner. In Episode 2 of the Transfermarkt Podcast “Done Deals” the Blues’ rise from a debt-ridden middle-class club to one of the biggest teams in Europe is highlighted. Ex-professional and DAZN expert Sebastian Kneißl (39), who played for Chelsea during the upheaval, provides insights behind the scenes at Stamford Bridge.

    According to Kneissl, when Roman Abramovich bought the club in 2003, “there was no sigh of relief, everyone was euphoric to be part of a new era. We knew from day one that a completely different wind was blowing from now on.” The ex-professional explains how the dynamics at the club have changed and, together with “Done Deals” host Max Ropers, analyzes the top transfers of Mourinho’s first era . It’s the second in a series of memorable transfer stories from this millennium that Transfermarkt looks at in the new podcast “Done Deals” – stop in Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music.

    Kneißl in “Done Deals” about Chelsea: “You actually know you have no chance”

    “Now there is no longer any need for training, because now titles are required, and that was a problem for young players,” said Kneissl, who was called back from a loan from Scotland by Mourinho of all people. “Now you are in a bind because I would like to continue playing football regularly but on the other hand José Mourinho is calling. You actually know you don’t have a chance and you still have to do it, because you only get this opportunity once.”

    Kneissl reveals how Mourinho and his team managed to make every Chelsea pro feel like “the best player in your position – worldwide” after training, the self-image Didier Drogba showed and which world champion he gave his shoes to in the Blues had to clean.

    Talking about the Rise of the Blues is the second in a weekly series on the biggest transfers of the 21st century. From Real Madrid’s “Galácticos” in episode 1 to the long-standing dominance of FC Barcelona to the consolidation of FC Bayern’s domestic supremacy or the emergence of the clubs Man City and PSG, who are backed by billions in oil. With experts from German football, the data power of Transfermarkt and the community. Here’s the second episode “Done Deals” on the rise of Chelsea FC.

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