On the program’s official Instagram page, cute pictures were published as part of the guesswork.

    The “Life only” season culminates in the “Save the Children” charity episode, which can be seen today on Friday.

    In honor of that, childhood photos of the season’s artists have been published on the program’s official Instagram account.

    – And how cute these critters are! Do you recognize who is who? guess in the caption.

    If the Instagram embed is not visible, you can access it from this link.

    A few faces are easily recognisable, but a couple have to be thought about a bit.

    Erika Vikman, Redrama, Mikko AlataloYona, Pete Parkkonen, Meiju Suvas, Steep 69 and Tommi Läntinen.

    In the company of this group, we have been able to spend Vain läämä autumn. Petri Aho / Nelonen

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