Status: 08/22/2022 4:18 p.m

    The control committee of the German Football Association (DFB) has initiated preliminary proceedings against the second division club Hansa Rostock. Several banners with discriminatory messages were shown in the Rostock fan block during the game against FC St. Pauli. The club distanced itself from the banners.

    On a banner during the 2-0 win of Rostock against St. Pauli on Sunday, the slogan “Gays don’t get offspring” could be read. Another read: “Your gender shit doesn’t interest anyone in Wolgast! There are only boys, girls, men and women here”.

    “The control committee will write to the club and ask for a statement on the banners shown. After the statement has been submitted and evaluated, the committee will decide on the further course of the process,” said the DFB.

    “Hansa Rostock is politically and religiously strictly neutral”

    In a statement to the NDR, Hansa Rostock distanced himself from the banners. “Homophobia, racism and similar attitudes and ideologies do not stand for FC Hansa Rostock and are prohibited by the values ​​​​enshrined in the club’s statutes, such as tolerance. FC Hansa Rostock is politically and religiously strictly neutral and stands by in all its concerns on a democratic basis.”

    Banner zu Lichtenhagen causes discussions

    Racism was also discussed on social media after the game, because another banner commemorated the Lichtenhagen pogrom shortly before the 30th anniversary. “The banner belongs to a fan group from the Lichtenhagen district, has been hanging at the games for over a decade and is not related to the events in Lichtenhagen,” said Hansa.

    “Both the club and our fans – especially from Rostock – are still very aware of the shame and damage to the whole city and of course nobody wants such events to happen again or be forgotten.”

    Made a homophobic banner in the stadium?

    In general, the club announced that choreographies, banners and wallpaper would be requested from the club in advance and would require approval. In addition, the fan paraphernalia that are to be brought into the stadium are checked at the entrance.It can therefore be assumed that the wallpaper with the inscription ‘Gays do not have offspring’ in the stadium was made during the game”.

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