Dina Tersago open about compulsive behavior as a teenager: “I turned the light switch on and off three times” | TV

In the episode, Tersago tells how she had an enormous urge to perform as a teenager. She studied late into the night for fear of failure and in a quest for control. This led to compulsive behavior in the young blonde. “I thought, ‘If I turn the switch on and off three times, my exam will go well tomorrow’”, she gives a first example. “I also went up and down the stairs in a specific way and I was a nail biter. The latter because I felt that I could channel stress in this way. That scab and the nails had to come off.”

The ex-miss sought help for the first time after she blacked out in the class as a 17-year-old during a math test. That remained a secret for most, even in the family. “At the time, it was not talked about, I was ashamed and it was confrontational that I had to seek help.” But acknowledging the problem has made things better for Dina afterwards. “The therapist taught me to talk to myself. It’s important to be able to direct your thoughts and look at the situation from a distance,” she says calmly. But it is not completely over. “The fear and uncertainty is still there,” Tersago said. “Battling doubt remains a lifelong struggle that you have to learn to deal with.”

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