Dina Bousselham tells the judge that she has nothing to forgive Iglesias because their relationship was one of full trust

03/15/2022 at 19:31


The ex-adviser of Podemos Dina Bousselham appeared for the third time this Tuesday before the judge of the National Court Manuel Garcia-Castellonthis time for to record that he has nothing to forgive the former Vice President of the Government and former leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, for having had access to the information contained in his telephone card, since between the two of them they had a relationship of full trust that allowed him to access both access each other’s devices.

The appearance is due to the mandate imposed on the judge by the Criminal Chamber of the National High Court to clarify whether “consents, tolerates and accepts” that his former boss had access to the contents of the mobile card. That resolution was in line with the Supreme Court when it rejected the reasoned statement raised by the magistrate against Iglesias in the piece of the Villarejo case in which it is investigated what happened to her since her mobile was stolen in a shopping center in 2015 until some of its content was published.

When former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo was arrested in November 2017, a hard drive and two USBs were seized in which two folders called Dina were stored that contained files from the card.

Legal sources consulted by Europa Press have indicated that the judge has asked Bousselham why he values ​​differently the fact that the accused journalists could access his card and that of Iglesias, when they would have been similar. She indicated that with the former leader of Podemos there was trust. He confirmed that in his day he took screenshots of the internal chats, which he in turn shared in other groups made up of Podemos members, and that those images were the ones that were later published.

Was able to access the mini SD

The former Podemos adviser ratified that when Iglesias returned it, the card was operational. He inserted it into a reader connected to the computer of her partner, Ricardo Sa Ferrera, verified that the family photos that she had were still there and disconnected it. When he went to see her some time later, she was no longer working, but Bousselham couldn’t explain why, although he said there had been a move in between.

This Tuesday the two experts from the Scientific Police who prepared the report that concluded that it was technically impossible to establish who last accessed the mini SD and, consequently, who could have damaged it, also testified.

The third appearance of the day was that of the former Deputy Director of Operations (DAO) Eugene Pine who denied that Villarejo gave him the card or any other device, contradicting what was said in his day by the commissioner, who maintained that he handed it over to the former police number two. Asked if there was an open investigation in the DAO about Podemos, he specified that there was not about the political party, but that at that time there were investigations related to the party itself. Iglesias, Juan Carlos Monedero and Jorge Vestrynge.