On September 14th, an unofficial Facebook page published a post saying that Depeche Mode would be present at a press conference in Berlin in October, announcing a new album and a worldwide tour. Now it turned out that the news is a hoax.

    The news, which was suddenly published on social media, sparked hope among many Depeche Mode fans. It said: “Depeche Mode will announce a new album and a world tour at a press conference on October 4, 2022 in Berlin”. To date, Depeche Mode themselves have not confirmed this information.

    “We didn’t release that”

    Now SiriusXM contributor Richard Blade has asked the band for more information about the alleged date – and they denied the rumor: “I just Depeche Mode regarding the announcement of the Berlin press conference in October and they replied, ‘Richard, we didn’t release that.’ Unfortunately it looks like it was wishful thinking and clever fan photoshop and WILL NOT happen. As soon as there is real information about a potential album or tour, I’ll let you know.”

    The fans are grateful for the clarification in the comments, but also disappointed. One user wrote: “Thanks for confirming this is all bullshit. Martin himself said in April 2022 that the band had not yet come together to record an album and Fletch passed away in May. It’s just too fast to be announcing an album and tour in a couple of weeks.”

    Since the death of founding member Andrew Fletcher (here is our obituary), it has been unclear how Depeche Mode will continue. In August 2022, they posted a photo on Facebook showing Dave Gahan and Martin Gore in the studio – and that caused fans to speculate. Despite this, the band itself has not yet announced a new project.