1995 Miss Turkey Demet Şener had been in Bodrum with her lover Tolga Arman, with whom she had been in love for about 9 months. Demet Şener, who shared her pleasant moments from the holiday with her followers, finally presented her poses with her long-sleeved green dress to her followers.

    Şener, mother of two children, to her post; “Puffy wind, warm Bodrum air… Bougainvillea and me. I couldn’t choose, I put them all. Is there anything like a holiday?” had lost his grade.


    Thousands of likes and comments rained down on the famous model’s posts in a short time. One of his followers is about Şener’s wearing a long-sleeved dress; He commented, “Why a long-sleeved dress in a very hot city like Bodrum? There are such beautiful summer clothes.”

    Demet Şener, who could not remain indifferent to her follower, replied, “From now on, I can share my body temperature, the place and time I will go with you and get your opinion, okay? I’ve been here for about a week and it’s cool at night so let me know what to wear.”


    New photos of Şener, 45, who is on vacation with his girlfriend, came recently. Demet Şener, mother of two, enjoying the sea and the sun, this time appeared before the lens in a purple swimsuit.

    The former model, who was a sports fan, made a name for herself with her fit body. Demet Şener’s sharing, which attracted great interest from his fans in a short time; Famous names such as Hatice, Tuğba Özerk and Ece Gürsel also commented.


    Şener, who recently published a new frame from his Instagram account, which has 785 thousand followers, received thousands of likes and comments in a short time. One of his followers advised the famous name, “You always pose in the same way. I think you should pull the phone up”.

    Demet Şener, on the other hand, could not be indifferent to this and wrote, “Okay, I don’t know how to make the phone more or less. This is how I shoot it, you shoot it from above.”


    Another follower made the following comment after Şener’s answer:

    I wouldn’t like that answer for you, because I find you very naive, very elegant. Of course, we should all share our ideas and thoughts with respect… Sending my love; with love, stay healthy.

    Demet Şener responded to this as well; “In the same way, we can answer if it does not contain insults, right? Naivety is not accepting everything that is written, I’m very tolerant. Love from me to you too…” he said.