The trio Deichkind announces a new album. NEWS FROM THE PERMANENT STATE is scheduled for release on February 17, 2023. The first single entitled “In der Natur” was released on Thursday, August 18, along with the music video.

    The song “In der Natur” is about the alleged feeling when residents of a big city come out into nature and feel lost there. Introduced by yodeling vocals and gentle, electronic beats, the three musicians Philipp Grütering, Henning Besser and Sebastian “Porky” Dürre describe how difficult it is for them as city kids to gain a foothold in nature: “In nature, you crack yourself your foot/In nature, your survival book fails/In nature, nobody will help if you call/You haven’t showered for a long time and didn’t book this here,” says the first verse of the track.

    Between nature and technology

    The official music video for the song is characterized by a juxtaposition of nature and technology. Beautiful, wide landscapes are shown as well as people – in this case Deichkind singer Philipp Grütering – walking through the forest with drone dogs or driving across the fields on a small tractor. The label itself describes nature in the almost five-minute clip “as an at least suspect, sometimes even hostile environment (…), which one should only expose oneself to in a protective suit”.

    In Deichkind’s more than 25-year musical history, several gold and platinum albums have already been achieved. Hits like “Leider Geil”, “Bück dich hoch” and “Like mich am Arsch” also shaped the then current youth language. Deichkind manage to process complex issues of our society with their music and make them understandable for everyone.

    Deichkind’s “News from the permanent state” tour 2023 – the dates

    06/21/2023 AT – Vienna, Wiener Stadthalle
    06/22/2023 Munich, Olympic Hall
    06/23/2023 Leipzig, fairground
    07.07.2023 Dortmund, Westphalia Park
    08.07.2023 Frankfurt am Main, Festhalle
    04.08.2023 Stuttgart, Cannstatter Wasen
    08/25/2023 Hanover, Expo Plaza
    26.08.2023 Hamburg, Bahrenfeld trotting track
    09/02/2023 Berlin, Parkbühne Wuhlheide