updateOne person was killed in a shooting at the Zoetemanring in Zuidland on Sunday evening. It is still unclear what exactly happened. The police are present in large numbers in the village for investigation.

    Police have not yet released the identity or gender of the victim. According to local residents, several shots were heard just after 10:30 p.m. on the Zoetemanring, a street in a quiet residential area in Zuidland, a village under the smoke of Spijkenisse. The victim would have succumbed to gunshot wounds near a parking lot.

    Despite the fact that the emergency services were quickly on the scene, a CPR attempt by rescuers was unfortunately in vain. A trauma helicopter landed in Zuidland, but it left as quickly as it had arrived. Many local residents gathered in the street after the incident. A little further on, the victim’s body lay under a tent.

    ‘I won’t be able to sleep tonight’

    A resident of Zuidland received a message on a CPR app on her phone. Help is needed at the Zoetemanring, she read. When she arrived there with an AED in hand, she saw that officers were already busy resuscitating the victim.

    “I saw that man lying there, and it didn’t look good,” says the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous. “Local residents told me they heard shots and screams. How that man looked… No, I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight. I was pretty sure that he was dead.”

    Police immediately examined the victim’s body on Sunday evening. The person was killed in a shooting in Zuidland. © Media TV