The CEO from Lega di A he also spoke about the D’Onofrio case to “Politics in football” on Gr Parlamento: “We ask for answers, it’s a terrible and disturbing question. I don’t feel comfortable”

    It is a truly all-out Luigi De Siervo, the one who spoke today at “La politica nel ballono”, hosted by Emilio Mancuso on Rai Gr Parlamento. The CEO of the Serie A began by speaking of stadiums and the World Cup in Qatar, where he watched the opening match between the hosts and Ecuador: “He is the most discussed and talked about in the history of our football. But we have a lot to learn, especially about stadiums. The one where the opening ceremony was held yesterday can be closed in a few minutes and there is air conditioning on the pitch. There is talk of one of the best stadiums in the world and it was built by an Italian company. We lack for nothing, so far we have only lacked the political will. Let’s hope that Minister Abodi, who was president of Credito Sportivo, can unlock something”. Then he lingered on the opening speech by Fifa president Gianni Infantino (“Personally I don’t agree with it. The morality lesson sounds really out of tune”), also commenting on the attention of an American fund for Napoli (“We are the subject of great attention Napoli is a privileged target, but I can’t think of our football without the president De Laurentiis”.


    De Siervo then spoke of the thorniest case of these days, that of former Aia prosecutor Rosario D’Onofrio: “It’s a terrible and disturbing question. I don’t feel comfortable. This story requires convincing explanations. This person was carrying 30, 40 kg of drugs, he was beating people. I’ve never been a conspiracy theorist, but I’d like to understand how it was possible for D’Onofrio to grow into responsibility inside The Hague without anyone realizing who he was. This man looks to me like a soldier, not a general. We have great respect for the referees. All I ask is that there is a deep analysis of the case and that someone gives some answers”. Finally, his three steps for better football: “The first step we must take is to stop arguing internally – he concluded -, the second is to have an industrial plan that is up to par and I think Serie A has it . The third? Build stadiums.”