Day against violence against women: the laboratories of the Bank of Italy

Tre workshops to recognize and prevent economic violence, open to all and free (just book by email to edufin.firenze@Bank of It is the initiative of the Florentine branch of the Bank of Italy on the occasion of the International Day against Violence against Women, November 25th. During the event, which is part of the Festival’s off programme Women’s Legacy, the participants will meet the Bank’s experts and will be able to discuss financial planning, current accounts, electronic payment instruments and IT security.

Marisa Mori, Nude study, 1928. The work is exhibited in the exhibition «Towards modernity. Female presences in the art collection of the Bank of Italy” in Firense, where for the Day of Violence against Women free workshops will be held to prevent economic violence.

These are some of the points of the Bank of Italy’s financial education project Women matter to improve financial skills but also awareness and autonomy during daily life. Without depending on fathers or husbands who can exercise more or less direct forms of economic violence.

Just think that, even today, only 58 percent of women have a personal bank account, while as many as 31 percent declare they are financially dependent on their partner or someone else. There is still a long way to go.

Day against violence against women: an opportunity to visit the exhibition

The workshops will be held on the sidelines of the exhibition «Towards modernity. Female presences in the art collection of the Bank of Italy”, which will remain open until 10 March 2024. It is a review of works that starts from 1871, the date of the opening of the venue, up to the mid-twentieth century, and highlights the evolution of the representation of female figures. The artists present are important – from Giovanni Fattori to Lucio Fontana, passing through Felice Casorati and Carlo Levi – but there is no shortage of paintings by female artists, such as Marisa Mori, student of Casorati, or Leonetta Pieraccini Cecchi, wife of Emilio Cecchi and pupil of Fattori. The exhibition is also an opportunity to visit the historic building in via dell’Oriuolo, generally not open to the public.