Culture Senator Lederer wants clarification in anti-Semitism case

The Oyoun cultural center in the Neukölln district

The Oyoun cultural center in the Neukölln district Photo: Sven Meissner

By Sebastian Bauer

According to information from MP Susanna Kahlefeld (58, Greens), there was an anti-Semitic incident in the Oyoun cultural center on October 1st.

The musician Tayfun Guttstadt, accompanied by his ten-year-old daughter, was asked by Oyoun employees to leave the building at an event organized by the satirical group Datteltäter. Anti-Israel slogans such as “Free Palestine” were also said to have been shouted after him.

The reason given was that people in the audience “feel insecure” due to Guttstadt’s presence. The musician is openly opposed to racism and anti-Semitism.

As early as May, the Oyoun attracted attention as a stage for the anti-Semitic group “Palestine Speaks”. Culture Senator Klaus Lederer (48, left), who supports the cultural center with over one million euros a year, promises clarification.

An appointment is being made with the management of Oyoun. Lederer: “Should the case have happened as described, then that would be an absolutely and completely unacceptable process.”

Klaus Lederer
Photo: lop bsc

Guttstadt does not want to comment on BZ, but protects the date offenders on Instagram. On the other hand, he accuses those responsible at Oyoun of not taking the incident seriously.

Oyoun described itself to BZ as a “safe space” for marginalized and discriminated groups. If those present feel unsafe, appropriate action will be taken.

Basically, the Oyoun never comment on such cases publicly.


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