Sir Alex Ferguson hardly wanted to see such an end, writes Anssi Karjalainen.

    Cristiano Ronaldo received criticism for his game performances, fully deserved. PDO

    Cristiano Ronaldo can’t stand criticism. It has become clear at the latest after the tumultuous interview given to Piers Morgan.

    Ronaldo said he “cares about those who like him”. He doesn’t care about memory, and the media is “garbage”. The British media can be mean and rude, but also justifiably critical. The criticism the Portuguese has received for his performances in a United shirt has been fully deserved.

    Dutch manager Erik ten Hag saw Ronaldo’s laziness without the ball immediately. A miserable attitude in the press is a detriment to the entire collective.

    This is a player who was no longer able to accept his shortcomings in the Premier League and adapt as the game requires.

    And the dog will start, which the goblet catches.

    Ronaldo was stuck on United’s bench from the beginning of the season. At last, the events of the fall confirmed that his patience was being tested. Maybe he didn’t even see a way out of the situation.

    Neither party could be surprised that the end result was a classic “dissolution of the contract by mutual consent”. Ronaldo fully consciously put the club bosses in a situation where there were no other options.

    The way he did it was ruthless.

    He refused to come on as a substitute for the final minutes against Tottenham, despite knowing the ploy would have consequences. Ten Hag revealed that the tantrum seen was not the first of its kind.

    Instead, going to Piers Morgan was something unprecedented. Few would have believed that Ronaldo was ready to go that far. Ronaldo coldly walked into the studio to annoy the club, teammates, coaches, critics and even beat Wayne Rooney’s appearance.

    It wasn’t until the last Fulham game that the rest of the team got word of the interview. Oh yes, a little interview like this is about to be published, which will throw the whole of Britain into a frenzy.

    Manchester United have floundered in recent years and have been criticized in equal measure. Ronaldo didn’t point out any issues that weren’t already widely known.

    Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the greatest footballers of all time. A target gun and physically almost superhuman, the likes of which may never be seen again.

    However, the way he ended his time in Manchester and “the club he loved” leaves a big stain on his achievements.

    Sir Alex Ferguson hardly wanted to see this end.