Quote from G_Verbeek

    Bayern thought “nope, we don’t need a top scorer, that’s okay, we save money and the team building is better” —> 7 matchdays later, the team is no longer in the mood for JN and up front it’s a total slack and you can’t even do it anymore Augsburg a pour. You will probably come to an agreement with Ronaldo in the winter, otherwise there could be another master in the Buli.

    There’s a lot wrong with your argument.

    • Bayern didn’t save any money in the last transfer phase and spent more than ever before
    • Probably nobody at Bayern ever said they didn’t need a goalscorer. Every team in the world needs top scorers and Bayern even more so for their title ambitions.
    • You probably mean a ‘real number 9’ or ‘penalty player’ instead
    • …but Ronaldo isn’t even that by definition
    • When strategically planning their squad, did Bayern prefer to have several target players in their attack lines rather than none at all
    • The team with Ronaldo would probably not be ‘more interested’ in Nagelsmann either, if the problems are deeper despite having the best squad of all time

    It’s hard to prove whether team building at Bayern is better without Ronaldo than with him. But I also regret that Bayern didn’t treat themselves to Ronaldo when the chance arose. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    It is also not really possible to prove or disprove whether they would be more difficult to calculate with Ronaldo in attack than without. However, all users would probably agree that with him there is a higher chance of winning, goal threat, star factor and charisma on the pitch.

    In winter, Bayern would be more likely to get another striker – if that were to happen at all. Bayern are not good at admitting mistakes and stupidly have already given him a basket in public and in the media. Ronaldo himself is likely to be quite exhausted from the World Cup and then ‘needs’ Bayern less than at the beginning of the season.

    I could rather imagine Chelsea knocking again. The new owner wanted to sign him without hesitation and with Tuchel the biggest veto is gone. In addition, unlike Bayern, the money is really easy there and Ronaldo would only have to steer his moving trucks a few hundred miles south instead of leaving the Premier League behind.