At San Siro the goals of Correa, Barella, Lautaro and Okereke decide

    Cremonese’s fourth league defeat arrives at Inter. Coach Massimiliano Alvini commented on the match at the press conference as follows: “Let’s say that today we did a large part, at a time when we were dangerous, on something prepared we made a mistake in the technical gesture and we gave away the ball. It is something prepared. , the technical gesture was wrong. Unfortunately it can happen, in my opinion we played a good match against a team that has a different goal from ours. “

    “Today it was not in the balance because we did not materialize the opportunities we had – continues the grigiorosso coach -. I repeat: for me, against a strong team that we respect, Cremonese played an honest, good match, creating a lot and giving Inter two situations that led to two goals that we could have avoided. But here is our improvement. If I look at the classification, apart from the first ones which are very important and we have already met four strong ones, it will be a long championship. We have a goal, we will certainly participate in our championship. We are not far. Today we kept a game in the balance even losing 2-0 against Inter and not taking advantage of many opportunities. “

    “On the first goal – continues Alvini -, it is a gift given, it is not a counterattack. On the second goal we had the ball, we missed a through ball, a passer inside and Inter hurt us on the transition. The third is a masterpiece. by Lautaro, but the attitude, the mentality, the identity are those of a team that always wants to play for it. We played against Fiorentina, Inter and Roma, Toro: four big players, we leave all games with our heads held high. The attitude I didn’t like was the one I had for 20 minutes against Torino, I have faith in my players. Does it happen that sometimes we are afraid? No, it doesn’t exist. There is an identity, an idea, a path to follow. Cremonese is a new team, built with an idea: we played against teams that all arrived on the left side of the table, all of which reinforced themselves for important objectives. We are there, in our league, and we are not afraid of having such an attitude, we want to play with this idea here. I think football is going in this direction, dynamic, vertical and aggressive “.