Buenos Aires strategy: Larreta crossed CFK and his team to Patricia Bullrich

At a press conference today, the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta asked the vice president Cristina Kirchner that “he does not continue throwing more gasoline on the fire with his declarations”.

“To you, Madam Vice President, I want to ask you to do not continue to incite aggression and to violence,” added Larreta in a direct crossing to CFKand as a result of the disturbances in the vicinity of the home of the president of the Senate in Recoleta over the weekend, when thousands of protesters rallied in support amid the Cause road which has her as the main defendant.

“Your statements are distractions that they have nothing to do with the priorities of our country. The model that you defend of the one that I believe is in plain sight: it is the search for peace against the deepening of the rift, aggressions, antinomies. It is time for him to take care of solving his personal problems,” Rodríguez Larreta said.

His political team, headed by Eduardo MachiavelliSecretary of Strategic Affairs of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, had been in communications during the weekend and on Monday, to prevent protesters from completely cutting off accessand on the other hand, the entry of politicians of the front of all to the address of Cristina Kirchner.

“Based on having spoken with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner These are the images that can be seen right now, where Uruguay Street remained open, and there is a traffic police cordon securing the route through Juncal. Starting from a meeting saturday night we were able to reach a coexistence agreement, the deputy minister Juan Martin Mena and Anibal Fernandez they promised to try a solution. Both yesterday, and all day today, it has been reasonably respected, we are going to try to uphold the rights to transit and to demonstrate, “he explained. Eduardo Machiavelli in dialogue with El Disparador (Delta 90.3).

“We had a firm attitude with the City Police and all the agents of the government, so that this does not reach majors. Enforcing the authority that the City Government should have, whose purpose is preserve the welfare of neighborsI think we achieved it over the weekend, even in its most critical moments, such as Saturday night, continued the secretary general of the Prowhich analyzed the political implications of the intersection between Rodríguez Larreta and the vice president.

Rodriguez Larreta and Eduardo Machiavelli

There has been an intention to politicize this from the very beginningbut despite that intention, we have ratified our vocation to preserve social peace and public order,” said Machiavelli, who also complained about the interference of Patricia Bullrich, President of the Pro and former Minister of National Security, who questioned the firmness of the head of the Buenos Aires Government, his main rival facing the presidential elections.

I think Patricia Bullrich was wrong with what he said because it is not the message that we need at this time within Together for Change. Given the situation that is taking place in the district governed by the Pro, we have to show ourselves more united than everhis statements did not help and do not contribute to the spirit of unity, “he said. Eduardo Machiavelli.

For its part, Fernando StrafaceSecretary of International Relations of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, expanded: “What he said did not generate anger Patricia Bullrich but yes a call, that we manifest it, of reflection in the moment and the form”.

“Argentines are anguished by what is happening to the country, they look to Together for Change to find out how united we are, which is what their leaders say. After Saturday night’s very professional and firm performance by the City police, I didn’t think it was timely and it was even unfortunate about Patricia”, added Straface also in El Disparador (Delta 90.3).

Macri, Larreta, Bullrich, Vidal

“Society does not want to see politicians arguing. If there is a role that leaders should play now, and we told Cristina Fernández de Kirchneris to be able to call for reflection and calm. There can be no leaders who incite violence as it happened on Saturday”, he insisted.

At the same time that he tried to tone down the lunch that today summoned the main figures of the space. “A Pro lunch was planned that involves various leaders, is held periodically to discuss the week’s agenda, it was not made specifically because of the sayings of Patricia Bullrich“, accurate Fernando Straface.

Kirchnerism is looking for a street ethic that replaces the normal functioning of the institutions because they do not like what is happening. looking for a feeling of anomie that makes its public demonstration be above what the institutions determine, and it will surely continue until the day that Cristina Fernández de Kirchner establishes her allegation”, he analyzed.

Precisely, the response to Kirchnerism that seeks to give the larretismoand that he brought to the table today pro’s lunch on the Costanera, it is that of a closed defense of the proper functioning of the institutions. From Justice to police action.

by RN

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