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    2880 new cases were reported Photo: PAUL ZINKEN/AFP

    From BZ/dpa

    The corona incidence in Berlin has recently increased further. On Friday it was 434.6, according to the early morning dashboard of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

    The day before, the value was around 403, in the previous week it was significantly lower. For all of Germany, the number that indicates the registered new infections per 100,000 people in seven days was 618.2 on Friday.

    However, the incidence does not provide a complete picture of the infection situation. Experts have been assuming for some time that there will be a large number of cases not recorded by the RKI – mainly because by far not all infected people have a PCR test done.

    Only positive PCR tests count in the statistics. In addition, late registrations or transmission problems can lead to a distortion of daily values.

    According to the RKI, over 2880 new infections were reported for Berlin within one day on Friday. The total number of registered cases has increased to more than 1,089,000 since the pandemic began in spring 2020. Another death was reported. According to the official figures, there have been 4,639 deaths in connection with corona infections in Berlin since the beginning of the pandemic.


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