Controversial farm Grootschermer gives a tour: “To prove the opposite”

The controversial farm in Grootschermer, where dead and seriously neglected animals were found last year, will give a tour. This is to stop the online hate, negative reactions and even death wishes. According to the residents of the former care farm, the reports that have appeared in the media are not correct.

Last Tuesday, the animal police and inspectors from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) were at the door for the umpteenth time for an inspection. They could not count on a warm welcome. According to a NVWA spokesman, the inspectors were thwarted by those involved when they wanted to check the animals. The situation was according to the inspectors grim.

Also this time it turned out that the care of the animals on the farm was not in order. No animals were confiscated, but several violations were noted. An official report has been drawn up and measures have been imposed to improve the situation for the animals.

Death wish

NH has been following developments on the former care farm Lambertushoeve since six Scottish Highlanders last year dead found in their stable. Later on during a big raid all livestock confiscated. The owner will soon appear in court for this.

In response to our post on Facebook, the owners are now inviting people for a tour. “I mainly see nasty messages here and even a death wish several times,” is the response. “We understand that the news is assumed, but we would like to prove the opposite to you!”

Next Sunday, the coffee and cake will be ready for anyone who wants to come by. They even offer to pick up visitors if you don’t have your own transport. And for those who couldn’t wait, the farm also opened its doors last night. The registrations did not go really fast, because in a later message the owners wrote: “Reactions show that the news is accepted as truth. Unfortunately, no one has taken the guts or the time or the effort to use our invitation today. to make.”

The local political parties have also said they were invited by telephone, but they did not respond, to the disappointment of the owners. “It seems as if, despite the phenomenon of fake news, all news is taken for truth.”


Kıvılcım Pinar, party chairman of the Party for the Animals in Alkmaar, has indeed been called but declines the invitation. “We are not a party to this and therefore do not visit. I understand his frustration, but the NVWA has found that animals are neglected there several times. There is really something wrong there, maybe the owner should seek help .”

NH would like to accept the invitation, but is not yet welcome. Other interview requests have also been declined so far.