‘Controversial dog breeder strikes again, now to NVWA inspectors’

Inspectors from the NVWA regulator were recently attacked on the grounds of the controversial dog breeder Jan Paridaans. The owner himself would have thrown a chair and another man would have flown at one of the inspectors, ED reports.

According to the newspaper Jurgen C., a dog breeder in Hapert, would have been present. He also has a history full of tug-of-war with the NVWA about puppy trade and was present at Paridaans during the inspection.

Atmosphere of intimidation
The police say that a report has been made of threats and attempted assault and that the Public Prosecution Service has yet to assess the cases. A spokesperson for the NVWA confirms this. “It is really incredibly sad what happened here. It shows what kind of people you are dealing with here,” says spokesman Bjorn Elsebrock. And: “During the checks there is a constant atmosphere of intimidation and aggression.”

The breeder from Eersel has to close his dog breeding farm on the Grote Aardweg from the municipality, because according to the zoning plan no dogs can be kept at this place. The Council of State ruled that Paridaans should stop his business there, but he refuses to leave.

Penalty payment
The municipality has therefore carried out checks in recent weeks to see whether the breeder still keeps dogs in that place. So far there have been hundreds of animals each time. Every week that the animals are there, Paridaans will be fined 2,500 euros.

So far, five fines have been imposed. To prevent closure, Paridaans has filed several lawsuits.

Earlier, the breeder also dealt blows to a reporter from broadcaster Powned who suddenly stood in front of him with a camera.


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