Conor McGregor sent a death threat – Now the feared UFC giant responded

Tom Aspinall does not listen to threats from men smaller than him.

Conor McGregor was furious with the UFC giants. PDO

Free match star Conor McGregor shuddered in February on Twitter when he made death threats to his colleague To Tom Aspinall.

British newspaper Mirror according to McGregor, 34, got angry with Aspinall because he said that he is not particularly interested in the Irishman’s comeback fight in the early fall.

Aspinall said he is looking forward to more of the UFC’s other top events, such as UFC 286 on March 18 in London.

McGregor, who knows his worth, did not digest the comment.

– I will starve and kill you, fucking disrespectful dick. Don’t ever talk about me like that again. Your head is mashed potatoes. Keep your comments to yourself rat, McGregor snarled on Twitter.

Aspinall, who fights in the heavyweight division, has now responded to the threats of McGregor, who is in the middle division on the MMA Hour program.

– I’m an adult. I’m not trying to pick a fight with anyone. And if I do try, I’ll do it with someone my weight so we can even fight and make money with it, he uploaded.

Aspinall went from win to win in the UFC heavyweight division until he injured his knee Curtis Blaydes against last July. Since then, he has not been seen in action.

McGregor is scheduled to meet in the top middleweight match in early autumn Michael Chandler.

Tom Aspinall wondered about McGregor’s words. PDO