In Edinburgh the Viola dominates with a show. Mandragora also scored. The Italian team jumped to second place in the standings of group A

    For Italian it was a decisive exam. A challenge from inside or outside. Fiorentina in the Conference League had only snatched a small point at home with Riga and suffered a blow in Istanbul with Okaka and Biglia’s Basaksehir (3-0). In Edinburgh, a spark was needed against the Hearts of Midlothian. And in Scotland it lit up.

    The choices

    The purple coach recovers Milenkovic and Dodò, but only for the bench. In defense here is Terzic on the right, Igor and Quarta central and Biraghi on the left. Three midfield with Bonaventura, Amrabat and Mandragora. In front, the trident Kouame, Jovic and Saponara. Neilson’s Hearts, returning from a heavy 0-4 from Rangers and sixth in the Scottish championship standings, line up with 3-4-3, which is actually a 5-4-1 with Shankland acting as a battering ram. A wait-and-see and prudent strategy is that Hearts choice which, however, did not pay off. But the technical gap between the two teams was unbridgeable.

    rocket start

    Because Fiorentina starts off like a rocket. And after only 4 ‘he takes the lead. Terzic on the right returns and with the left-handed bowl a perfect cross for the insertion of Mandragora who heads out Gordon. For the former Juve and Toro it is the second goal in purple after the one in the league with Cremonese. But besides the goal there is more. Because it is the Italian team that makes the game and imposes a very high pace. For the first 25 ‘it is practically played only in the Scottish half. Jovic is at the doors, runs, plays on the bank. And he tries to sting. Biraghi and Terzic push on the wings. And even Igor who tries to break through from behind. His foray in the 21st minute with a blow from the outside with his left-handed, Gordon good at repelling, proves it. But it is all the Viola to turn. To dominate thanks to the ball possession and the movements that bring Bonaventura and Kouame fixed appearances in the Scottish area.


    And it is the Ivorian who breaks the game. At 43 ‘, on Biraghi’s grazing cross, he first tries with his heel and then on the rebound of the defense he bags with a scissor-show! For Kouame, an increasingly important player for the Italian who plays him both as a winger and as a central striker, this is the fifth goal in the purple jersey, the second of the season after the one he won against Juve. The first half slips away like this, with Gollini protagonist of only one (important) save at the end. The goalkeeper remedies a nonsense in the area of ​​Saponara and of feet rejects the right from close range of Ginnelly.

    jovic unlocks

    We leave with Milenkovic in place of Igor. The Scots try to react, but they have to give up when there are 10 left for Neilson’s red in the 48th minute. Jovic sprints beyond the Scottish defense, but is knocked down on the edge of the area by the scattered intervention of the Scots defender. For the referee Lambrechts it is a clear scoring opportunity and he expels him. Fiorentina now play more relaxed, the Hearts proudly go wild. But Gollini remains unemployed. And the occasions (Jovic, a two-step mistake and Saponara, a high-lap shot) are only for the Italian team that signs the trio in the 80th minute. Counterattack set by the ball recovery of Martinez Quarta who throws Kouamé on the right. The Ivorian, by first intention, serves Jovic in the penalty area. Right to an empty net, impossible to go wrong. It ends like this. Fiorentina in Europe returns to racing and moves to second place in the standings of group A of the Conference. Italian has rekindled the flame.