Colorful parade and city giants enchant Alkmaar during Kaeskoppenstad

Anyone who doesn’t know any better would think he stepped into a time machine in Alkmaar this weekend. The city center was all weekend returned to the Alkmaar of the sixteenth century before Kaeskoppenstd. With hundreds of actors taking the city back to the time just before Alkmaar Ontzet, it was a true journey into the past.

If you were in Alkmaar this weekend, you couldn’t possibly have missed it: Kaeskoppenstad once again attracted many visitors from all over the Netherlands.

With Kaeskoppenstad, hundreds of actors bring the city back to earlier times, just before Alkmaar Ontzet in 1573. In a historic setting of facades, bridges and canals, you almost forget what the city will look like in 2023.

Bonte Stoet

On Saturday morning the ‘Bonte Stoet’ crossed the Laat and the Langestraat and then passed between the narrow visbanks to the narrow streets of ‘d’Oude Stad’, where the clock had been reset to 1573. The great special feature of this year were the city giants, who passed through ‘their’ city for the first time.

This edition falls in a special year: it is 450 years ago that Alkmaar defeated the Spaniards.