The Colombian from Movistar was training in Fusagasugá and had an argument with a truck driver: he’s in hospital

    Accident and fear in Colombia for Ivan Ramiro Sosa, the 25-year-old from Movistar with 17 pro wins (the last in Malaysia in October) on his bulletin board. Sosa was training in the Fusagasugá area, El Tiempo and other local media reported. In particular, he pedaled on the road of Chinauta, Cundinamarca, when he would have been squeezed by a truck. The driver got out and attacked him: according to the reconstruction, he hit Sosa with the butt of a pistol before firing a few shots into the air. Admitted to the Fusagasugà hospital, he would have injured his chin but would be in good health. The hospitalization was also confirmed by Movistar in an official note. Sosa never lost consciousness.