Where more than two million paying visitors were expected, the organization is forced to adjust it to 1.2 million. Since the start, 232,500 people have visited the green expo, which is about a third of the expected number.

    “Now that the visitor numbers are so disappointing, we believe that we must take our responsibility. We therefore offer our resignation tonight.”

    Opposition leader Toon van Dijk of the PVV said during the council meeting that “the Floriade is bankrupt” and that his party has warned from the very beginning that it would be a financial loss. “This college is collectively responsible for the greatest financial debacle this city has ever known. My group expresses its appreciation that the Board has taken responsibility for this.”

    “We are also shocked by today’s news of additional setbacks,” said party leader Ruud de Jonge of the PvdA. “We respect the decision of the college to take this responsibility at this time.”