Coen Swijnenberg and Sander Lantinga stop as a radio duo after eighteen years. One will do the lunch show of Radio 538, the other the afternoon show of Radio Veronica. At least, that’s what Patrick Kicken reports.

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    Radio 538 is in very difficult weather. After Frank Dane was taken out of the morning rush hour to make way for Wietze de Jager and Klaas van der Eerden, it is now the afternoon rush hour, according to the well-known radio columnist Patrick Kicken. That is where the program of Coen Swijnenberg and Sander Lantinga will come to an end, according to the radionar.

    Coen and Sander split up?

    It is 99 percent certain, according to Patrick. He thinks the news about the end of Coen and Sander will come out in the short term. “A radio wedding that some wicked tongues had claimed years ago was the bromance and the magic over,” he captioned speaking tube† “Now they admit it themselves.”

    The gentlemen will continue to make radio for Talpa. “My best sources claim that Sander will take care of the afternoon show, with Marisa Heutink, who is already there. And that’s quite a great idea. Man plus woman in the afternoon, where the woman takes care of the technology: it’s something different.”

    ‘Excellent water carrier’

    Where, according to Patrick, Sander is moving to Radio Veronica, Coen would like to play solo records. “The story goes that the 12-14h period on Radio 538 is reserved for him. Great water carrier for the day.”

    Niek van der Bruggen can still be heard at that time. “I see him getting an important(er) role in the leadership of the hit station. Someone will have to take the place of Coco Hermans, whose days now really seem numbered.”

    Eighteen years

    Coen and Sander can be heard as a radio duo for eighteen years. They started in 2004 with the Lantinga & Swijnenberg program on the Friday evening of NPO 3FM. In 2006 they started their current daily radio show De Coen & Sander Show, first on NPO 3FM and since their switch to Radio 538.

    The gentlemen have not yet responded to Patrick Kicken’s radio column.

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