The 20-year-old from Rome had a special teacher for a day: Adriano revealed some secrets to him to improve his game: “What a shame when I was wrong …”

    Just a small image escaped from social media, but it was enough to show a very special tennis lesson. Flavio Cobolli at the court of Adriano Panatta, at the Racquet Club of Treviso which bears the name of the 1976 Roland Garros champion. however, he was very happy to show “two little things” to the young Roman (but born in Florence) born in 2002: “It was my father’s idea. Adriano’s brother works in Parioli and they organized this meeting. for some time, then the opportunity arrived. We were going to Umag, for the qualifiers of the tournament, and we made a stop with him, at his club in Treviso. ”


    Cobolli is one of the talents who are growing fast behind Berrettini, Sinner, Musetti and Sonego. Number 134 in the world, the boy who grew up under the tennis guidance of his father Stefano, spent a few hours on the pitch drinking from the source of Panatta. “He was wonderful-said an enthusiastic Flavio-, he gave me several tips”. But woe to ask him for something more specific, he keeps the secrets of the super teacher very tight: “Let’s say that on the obverse he gave me a tip that had an immediate effect. But I will never reveal which one”. A nice professor who nevertheless made him not a little in awe: “I was very embarrassed because I was faced with a myth. I didn’t know him well but I studied him watching the series” A team “. He made the history of tennis and to be able to spend a few hours with him was incredible. I don’t know if and when it will happen again, but I would certainly like to steal some more tennis secrets. ”

    The “pof pof”

    The main difficulties on the volley, the Panatta house specialty, prophet of the “pof pof” and velvet hand: “He got a little nervous when I always made the same mistake … I was ashamed enough to make a mistake in front of him. slowly I melted “. Between one volley and another there was also a way to talk about a common passion, Rome. Flavio played in the youth teams of the Giallorossi company and despite being very gifted, he chose to become a tennis player: “I was there for 5 and a half years, I was on a team with Bove and Calafiori, then I wanted to continue with tennis because I like being a protagonist of the my game. Knowing that on the pitch I can only count on me, for better or for worse. ” A chat about Mourinho (“A great man, I am inspired by him”) and Dybala (“With him and Wjinaldum there will be fun”) and then again at work to retry the progress on the flying game.

    The bet

    The two had a bet at stake: if Flavio had gone ahead at the Umag tournament, Adriano would have gone to watch the match. Unfortunately, the 20-year-old great friend of Musetti was unable to enter the draw, the appointment is only postponed.