Rthey warm the room and spread notes of vanilla, mint, cinnamon and rum: candles and home fragrances they remain among the most popular gifts during the 2022 Christmas holidays. The reason is simple: they embellish the rooms and give the home a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    Christmas candles 2022: a timeless classic, now greener

    Although they are a historical piece of furniture, even the candles in recent years they have undergone a transformation, becoming a green and vegan product. Today it is easier to find candles made with soy wax and wooden wicks on the market.

    «Olfactory distributes the Diptyque and Miller Harris brands exclusively in Italy, which are two of the most representative in terms of environmentally friendly and health-friendly scented candles” explains Luli Gaidano Fragrance Specialist of Olfactory.

    Candles for Christmas 2022

    «Diptyque, for example, uses for its formulations a mix of vegetable waxes combined according to fragrance, as Miller Harris uses soy and rapeseed as elements to be combined with the perfume. Both brands have been doing this for a long time, Diptyque for 60 years. There is therefore no revisited classic, rather the belief that sustainability shouldn’t be a trend but one of the key elements of production».

    Cotton wick: less polluting

    “The wick of the candles for both Diptyque and Miller Harris is in cotton: the diameter varies according to the fragrance and has the function of optimize the diffusion of the perfume.

    Also burning, the cotton does not release any harmful elements. Good maintenance of the wick and of the candle in general increases its duration» explains Luli Gaidano.

    Romantic and enveloping candles for Christmas 2022

    «There candle fragrance is a distinctive and important element of the environment in which it is placedof the taste and of the choices of one’s own olfactory desires.

    Perfume of Christmas: the most popular fragrances during the Holidays

    There are no seasonal fragrances in the absolute sense: there may be mixes of fragrances based on the desired atmosphere for each environment. The advice is to choose different notes for each room of the apartment» specifies the Olfattorio expert.

    Cinnamon, mint, musk and rum for Christmas

    The candles and room fragrances of Christmas awaken childhood memories and “warm up” the holidays. They really make you want to gather together in front of the fire.

    For Yankee Candle, for example, it’s the notes of cinnamon, peppermint and vanilla to dominate, evoking the classic aromas of Christmas sweets. Diptyque, she chooses instead heliotrope and musks to immediately transport us to the middle of a snowy forest.

    Then there are the more decisive notes of coal, rum and leather: ideal for heating the living room and giving the whole room the unmistakable smell of a lit fireplace.