Chinese manufacturer Anta becomes a competitor for Adidas and Nike

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Anta store in Beijing, China | Photo: Su weizhong / Imaginechina / Imaginechina via AFP

Chinese sports brand Anta’s logo is ubiquitous at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Not only the Chinese team wears Anta. The company is also a partner of the International Olympic Committee, which is why Anta also kits out IOC officials and auxiliaries at the Games. Founded in the 1990s, the company has recently grown rapidly and is the third most successful sports brand in China behind Nike and Adidas. Experts expect that Anta will soon even be at the top of its home market.

Anta recently benefited from the fact that Western companies in China came under pressure because they distanced themselves from allegations of forced labor in the production of cotton from the western Chinese region of Xinjiang. Anta, on the other hand, emphasized that she would continue to rely on cotton from Xinjiang. The decision was well received by Chinese consumers, who were buying less Adidas and Nike and more Anta. Meanwhile, the IOC has come under criticism in the West for working with Anta despite allegations in Xinjiang. (dpa)

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