A hearty salad is the salvation of a hot day.

    Chickpea salad tastes good with fresh Patong, for example.

    The chickpea salad is a convenient food that is easy to vary in the heat. A healthy salad is created in the blink of an eye, and no cooking is required.

    You can get more nutritiousness and variety in your salad by buying a pre-grilled chicken salad from the counter at the store. Feta, sun-dried tomatoes, halloumi cheese and a piece of smoked salmon are also great for bringing variety to your salad.

    Chickpea salad

    1 teaspoon chickpeas

    300 g of cherry tomatoes

    half a cucumber

    1 pot of leaf parsley

    2 red onions with stalks

    (100 g feta)

    3 tablespoons olive oil

    half a lemon juice

    salt and pepper

    1. Split the cherry tomatoes and add them to the bowl with the chickpeas.

    2. Dice the cucumber and add to the salad.

    3. Chop the onions and herbs.

    4. Add feta and spices and oil to the sauce. Stir.

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    This is how you can trade herbs to succeed at home.