Chernobyl, on La7 the topical series for the war in Ukraine

No.el the day the negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow are held near the ghost town of Chernobyl, La7 decides to broadcast the first three episodes at 9.15 pm (the last two are scheduled for March 7) Of Chernobyl. The miniseries that tells the events that occurred during and in the weeks following the explosion of the Rbmk-1000 reactor of the Vladimir Il’ič Lenin nuclear power plantoccurred on April 26, 1986a few kilometers from the city of Chernobylin Ukraine.

The apocalyptic scenario 36 years ago recalls the war that is being fought these days and that it has awakened fear in Europe and on the border between Belarus and Ukrainewhere not far from Kyiv Russian soldiers tried to occupy the disused nuclear power plantheralding the danger of a ‘second Chernobyl’.

Chernobyl: the plot

The most serious nuclear accident in the history of mankindtogether with that of Fukushima in Japan (March 20), is told by bringing the viewer directly to the center, in that reactor, and especially in that city. From the night of the explosion to its evacuation, between family members of those who worked there.

And also among the bureaucrats and the technicians who tried to understand the extent of the tragedy. Namely the commission of inquiry into the accident: the nuclear chemist Valerij Legasov (Jared Harris), the Head of the Fuel and Energy Bureau of the Soviet Government Boris Shcherbina (Stellan Skarsgård), and Belarusian physics Ulana Khomyuk (Emily Watson), the first to realize the spread of radiation.

The human drama and the blindness of politics

The catastrophe is told in a general way and isolating the human dramafor example that of Ludmilla Ignatenko (Jessie Buckley), wife of one of the firemen, e Anatoly Dyatlov (Paul Ritter), one of those responsible for the catastrophe that changed the face of humanity forever. Also pointing out the neglect and the ferocity of Soviet politicscapable of everything, even of cover up the truth and manipulate information.

Emily Watson.

Between reality and fiction

For be as faithful as possible to the events that took place 36 years ago, the authors relied on the real dialogues reported in the book Voices of Chernobyl (1997) of Svetlana Alexievich, Nobel Prize for Literature in 2015.

chernobyl war in ukraine tv series la7

Being also a docu-series, in Chernobyl fiction peeps out: with Ulana Khomyuk (Emily Watson), spokesperson for the nucleus Of scientists who collaborated to try to resolve the situation, one of the few characters invented. And with the fake post-radiation bleedingin reality those who are victims of acute radiation do not bleed.

One of the best series ever

Considered one of the best series of all time, it won three Emmy: Best Miniseries, Direction and Screenplay, and two Golden Globe for Best Miniseries and Best Supporting Actor (Stellan Skarsgård).

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chernobyl tv series la7

Stellan Skarsgård.

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