• The veteran and popular ‘influencer’, with more than 700,000 followers on Instagram (@rafuel55), delights us with an artichoke carbonara, some spaghetti almost carbonara and a pasta with prawns and king prawns

    Rafuel turns on the stove for ‘Cata Mayor’, the gastronomic channel of EL PERIÓDICO DE CATALUNYA and Prensa Ibérica. Every 15 days, the veteran and expert chef delights us with his know-how between the stoves with simple, tasty, grateful dishes and excellent results, “always with market products, from zero kilometers and with kitchen instruments that we all have at home”As he says.

    On this occasion, we collect three pasta dishes that come out delicious. Take note and enjoy!

    1. Artichoke Carbonara

    “In about 15 minutes we have it done”, promises this very popular amateur cook, who assures that it is a “sensational meal”.

    2. Spaghetti almost carbonara

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    “We are going to make it in 15 minutes,” promises this very popular amateur cook. “With guanciale or Iberian bacon, if you can’t find it,” recommends the chef, who also advises cooking the pasta two minutes less than the manufacturer says because it will finish cooking in the pan. “Easy, easy, easy dish,” he summarizes.

    3. Pasta with prawns and prawns

    An easy dish and very, very good“, advances this very popular amateur cook before getting down to work. And, indeed, it is. The video shows how simple it is. And by the looks, how good it is.