Charles Groenhuijsen does not want to be in VI: ‘Johan Derksen unkind’

Charles Groenhuijsen does not like to join the talk show Today Inside. He thinks that Johan Derksen is extremely unkind in the program.


Today Inside may be the most watched talk show in the Netherlands, but Op1 star Charles Groenhuijsen does not give the program worth a look. He says he looks ‘little’ at it. “It’s not my style. My TV has an off button,” he says in the BNR program The Friday Movewhich is presented by VI star Wilfred Genee.

Charles not in VI

Charles thinks VI critics should hit that off button more often. “I hear a lot of discussions about people getting really excited, especially about Johan with you. Well, fine. It’s not my style. Being rude to people is not my style, but hey, you know me and I would never do that.”

We’ll never see Charles at the table at VI. “I wouldn’t join you, because it’s just not my environment. Very simple. But again: go ahead and you are the most successful talk show in the Netherlands. Sometimes I’m jealous of your ratings, that too.”

Other audience

What does it say that not Op1 but VI is the country’s most watched talk show? “Maybe we should do even better. How? Well, that’s tricky. You are in a segment where a lot of people sit and what a lot of people like. I watch the ratings every day and you guys are doing really well. My compliments for that.”

But, Charles says: “You are in a completely different demographic. I think if you’re going to research who’s watching you and who’s watching Op1 or watching Khalid & Sophie, it’s pretty obviously a different audience. I’m pretty sure about that.”

Well educated

Op1 is for the more highly educated, according to Charles. “I think we have more highly educated people, typically NPO-like viewers. You are of course in a different segment. Compliments what you do, but it’s not my style: very simple.”

He doesn’t think VI needs to be off the pipe. “We live in a free country.”