Charlene of Monaco is the most spendthrift of European royalty

charlene of Monaco is the most spendthrift of the European royals. This is revealed by the annual ranking made from the royal watcher site UFO No More which analyzed the institutional outgoings of 19 royals. Meghan Markle is sixth. Twelfth Maxima of Holland and “only” fourteenth Letizia of Spain. There is a reason: she is a queen of “recycling”. The Princess of Monaco, in particular, spent a good 739,541.52 euros on clothes and accessories.

Charlene of Monaco (Photo by Arnold Jerocki/FilmMagic)

Charlene of Monaco is the most spendthrift of European royalty

The ranking sees, in fact, Charlene of Monaco as the most spendthrift of European royalty. In second place is Olympia of Greece, third is Kate Middleton, fourth is Sofia of Sweden and fifth is the Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa of Luxembourg. In sixth place is Meghan Markle, then in fifth place the Queen of Belgium Mathilde.

At the seventh Mary of Denmark, wife of the heir to the throne Frederick, at the eighth Sophie of Wessex, at the ninth Beatrice of York followed by Marie-Chantal of Greece. Only in the twelfth Maxima of Holland, followed by Mette-Marit of Norway, Letizia of Spain (in the fourteenth!), Marie of Denmark, Victoria of Sweden, Stephanie of Luxembourg, Eugenie of York and, finally, in nineteenth place Madeleine of Sweden.

Millionaire wardrobe expenses in 2022

Going into detail Charlene of Monaco in 2022 spent, as we said, almost a million euros on her royal looks. In his 105 appearances he wore 65 dresses for an average cost, including accessories, of over 11 thousand euros.

The cost is impressive because, in comparison, the other royals were much more frugal and moderate.

Kate Middleton, for example, brought 204 new looks for a total bill of 217 thousand euros. Meghan Markle paid around 106 thousand euros for her 97 royal outfits, much less than he spent when he lived at the court of Elizabeth II.

Queen of recycling

Finally, Maxima of Holland and Letizia of Spain should be noted. The Dutch queen like her Iberian colleague recycles her wardrobe a lot only changing the order of the accessories. So of his 113 looks only 74 were new for a total of “just” 73 thousand euros. Letizia of Spain, absolute queen of recycling, spent just over 53 thousand euros for its 129 looks, 100 of which are new.

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Last in the standings is Victoria of Sweden (35,000 euros), Mette-Marit of Norway (55,000) and Madeleine of Sweden (18,000).

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