Chano Carpentier He spoke about his return to the stage. The singer will perform at the moon park on November 3 and then will travel to Cordova, Santa Fe and, soon to be confirmed, mendoza. But the former Tan Bionica could not ignore the claim of his fans and used social networks to apologize because he will only do one date at the Luna and his followers complain because they have difficulty getting tickets. “Sorry, I feel very guilty about doing just one Luna. I should have made a bigger place,” the singer tweeted.

    This series of concerts marks the return of Chano Carpentier after spending three months in a clinic to treat his addictions. In their environment they are happy: they say that after a long time, the former lead singer of Tan Bionica It’s fine, although they try to avoid a high degree of exposure. With these precautions, the singer has refused to give interviews, even to the journalist Jorge Lanata whose friend is he?

    In fact, he converted his accounts from Twitter and Instagram in direct channels to communicate with their fans. From there he tells them if he is okay, sends them his regards and informs them about the new dates. In light of the results, its communication strategy seems to be favourable: in less than a week the tickets for the moon park.

    The Chano’s public expands more and more, a fact that makes his return a great opportunity to resume his artistic career. The reasons why his followers increase seem to be multiple, but one of them is the last major conflict he had, when in July 2021 the musician was shot by a police officer. “It was 30 days of constant television. At that time, Chan It was a meme, but with the accident it became a victim”, they say from their surroundings. Many people who perhaps did not have him on the radar, came to understand his story.

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