Champions, Real-Psg 1-1: Mbappé and Benzema, French

The French dominate for an hour and score with the unleashed Mbappé, then a mistake by Gigio causes the draw and the game is overturned

There are evenings when football claims its role as the most loved and followed sport in the world. And it does so through matches like the one between Real and PSG, destined to remain in the history of the Champions League. The 3-1 final, with which Ancelotti’s team cancels the 0-1 of the first leg, earning the quarterfinals, is the product of two games that are too different from each other to be included in these same 90 ‘. For an hour there is only the PSG, dragged by a celestial Mbappé, ready to take the Golden Ball. Then comes the episode of 1-1: Real could only equalize with a feat or with the help of their opponents.

And sorry that it is our Gigio Donnarumma, protagonist of the omelette that leads to Benzema’s goal, to put the blancos back into the game. From there, delete the PSG, which disappeared from the field in an embarrassing way. There is only Real, the team that no one can get out of the Champions League, even when it seems far from the top. There is only Karim Benzema, the eternal Benzema. With him a moving Modric: all to say that at 36 and a half he is finished, but go and see the ball that the Croatian genius gives to Benzema for the 2-1.


After the first 10 ‘in which Real, dragged by Vinicius, seems to be promising, there is only PSG. Mbappé is devastating, well assisted by Neymar, while Messi remains on the sidelines, as happens to him too often now. In the middle there is also a sublime Verratti, excellent news for Mancini. The PSG passes in the 39th minute with the escape of Mbappé, launched perfectly into space by Neymar, who pierces a not perfect Courtois. Two more goals are canceled for the Frenchman, while the Bernabeu admires him with his mouth open, hoping that he will arrive in Madrid in June.


Donnarumma has been a victim of football in recent years, which requires goalkeepers to know how to play at least decently with their feet. Perhaps his Achilles heel, always. Benzema goes under pressure, he takes a long time to get rid of the ball and the omelette is done. The carom ball on Vinicius that serves Benzema a comfortable goal. Impressive how a manageable episode (Real need two more goals to pass, one for extra time) dissolve a team obviously not used to winning heavy games.

Unlike Real and their coach, who are chasing the fourth Champions League. In two minutes, between 76 ‘and 78’, Benzema makes two more. The 2-1 is a genius of Modric, with Marquinhos that dirties Benzema’s shot making it unstoppable, while the third is all of the French, who pounces on a frantic play of a shaky Marquinhos and puts it in the corner. The turnaround served. And whoever wants to win the Champions League, for a change, will have to deal with Real.