Chain collision behind truckers who deliberately drove slowly as a protest against corona rules

In Leeuwarden, 25 trucks, dozens of cars and a few tractors gathered for a ‘Convoy for Freedom’ on Sunday morning. Behind a similar convoy there was a pile-up on the A2 near Leende on Sunday afternoon.Image ANP / Novum RegionPhoto

The police confirm that the accident happened right behind the slow-moving truckers, but are not yet able to provide a definitive answer. Several people have been checked by paramedics, it is not yet known whether anyone was injured. Motorists in the direction of Maastricht to Eindhoven can now continue via the hard shoulder, writes the ANWB on Twitter.

According to the Eindhovens Dagblad At the beginning of the afternoon, the truckers had left a carpool place nearby to protest together against the corona policy. They would have gone in a column in the direction of Best.

It is not known how fast the truckers drove on the A2. Slow driving on highways is strongly discouraged in the Netherlands. Drivers can be fined if they hinder or endanger other motorists.

freedom convoy

Trucks, tractors and cars will drive on several Dutch roads on Sunday to demonstrate against the corona measures. For example, a group of several dozen demonstrators drove from Hengelo to Zwolle in Overijssel. In Leeuwarden, trucks, cars and tractors had gathered for a protest. In general, according to the ANWB, the actions caused little nuisance on the road.

The touring drivers appear to have heeded an online call. On the Telegram channel Convoy Nederland Nieuws, among others, this weekend was called upon to drive a round through the province. There are now more than 14 thousand members in the group, they are writing to prepare more actions in the group. Sunday’s round would be ‘preparation’ for ‘what’s to come’.

The Dutch demonstrators are following the example of Canadian truckers with their actions. Last week they drove across Canada to the capital Ottawa to demonstrate against government measures against corona.

That so-called ‘Freedom Convoy’ started as a protest against the mandatory vaccination of truckers traveling between Canada and the United States, which has been in effect since January 15. Protesters with other grievances about the corona policy quickly hooked up.


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