Cazzaniga, the cheated volleyball player: seizure of 74 thousand euros for the false top model and her accomplice

The two suspects from Cagliari and Monza had deceived the man for 13 years into believing that he was engaged to the model Alessandra Ambrosio. Between 2008 and 2021 approximately 1,400 transactions were reconstructed for over 600 thousand euros

For years the volleyball player Roberto Cazzaniga had believed he was engaged at a distance with a Brazilian model and between 2008 and 2021 he had paid over 600,000 euros, now the two women behind the scam have been seized goods and money for 74,000 euros. amount not yet prescribed. The crime hypothesis is an aggravated and continued fraud against the volleyball player – he played in blue and in A-1 with Milan, Parma, Montichiari and Castellana Grotte -, who had told the story of him for the first time in the Hyenas in November of last year. “We never saw each other in person, but I was convinced it was her,” he said. And the family members had talked about plagiarism.

The investigation

After Cazzaniga’s complaint, an investigation had been opened and now the Guardia di Finanza of Monza has seized money and other assets from two women, one resident in Bernareggio (Monza), a former volleyball player and for years a friend of Cazzananiga, and one in the province of Cagliari. The preventive seizure of assets, carried out by the Fiamme Gialle on delegation of the Public Prosecutor of Monza, concerns a minimum part of the 600 thousand euros that would have been stolen from the man with various stratagems.

The scam

For years Valeria Satta, 48-year-old Sardinian from Capoterra, on the phone had pretended to be Alessandra D’Ambrosio and to have a long-distance romantic relationship with Cazzaniga, who fell into the trap even with the complicity of the one she thought was a trusted friend, Manuela Passero (also a former volleyball player), from Vimercate. In the papers of the investigation we read that “with tricks and deceptions” La Satta has established and cultivated a constant telephone relationship, showing via social also photos of a well-known model (Maya Mancini, used the photos of the Brazilian top Alessandra D’Ambrosio). And then she started asking for financial help for medical bills and financial difficulties. During the survey, the movements of these years were reconstructed, 1,400 transactions between 2008 and 2021 and even the purchase of a car. The sums paid by Cazzaniga were used for withdrawals of cash from various bank and post office branches or for personal purchases. Part of the money was transferred to her accomplice residing in Brianza (about 90 thousand euros) and to several family members.