Captain after rescuing 15 refugees at sea: “We have to remember that we rescued those people and gave them a second chance”

    They were on their way to Spain in a rickety boat, but they were eventually picked up by the Algerian coastguard. The captain and crew prevented a possible drama. They are still impressed.

    The Simon Stevin of dredging company Jan De Nul is the largest rock dumping vessel in the world. After a job in the Black Sea, the ship sets sail for Zeebrugge. But 75 miles from the Algerian coast, the crew notices a sloop with helpless people. They immediately put out a lifeboat.

    “We counted eight men, two women and five children. They claimed to have been at sea for several days. But we cannot verify that. They were in very good condition for being at sea and unprotected. They were hypothermic and a little physically weakened,” says Saul De Rese, captain of the ship.

    “It does something to the people and the crew was very impressed. But we have to remember that we saved those people and gave those people a second chance.”

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