In a joint press release, Capgemini and Orange have lifted the veil on Blue, their trusted cloud project. The two French companies announce that the future company should begin to support customers in preparing for their migration by the end of 2022 and that the first services of Bleu will be operational in 2024.

    Bleu’s first customers will be supported at the end of 2022

    Already a year since the project was announced. In their publication, Capgemini and Orange specify that they are already working with ANSSI to ensure that their trusted cloud is “designed in accordance with SecNumCloud requirements”. Blue should officially see the light of day by the end of 2022, once the necessary regulatory authorizations have been obtained. We already know that Jean Coumaros, currently Director of Transformation and member of the Executive Committee of the Capgemini group, has been chosen to become CEO of Bleu.

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    Orange and Capgemini also gave more details on the offer they intend to offer their customers. In 2024, Blue will be able to offer Microsoft Azure services and core Microsoft 365 services. The two companies also clarified that the platform will launch “on a set of data centers geographically distributed in France and meeting very high requirements in terms of resilience and availability”. Once established, the Blue platform will offer its services and invite its customers to prepare to migrate to the trusted cloud.

    An offer with “wide range of technological innovations”

    According to Aiman ​​Ezzat, CEO of the Capgemini group, “With Orange, we are working hand in hand on the technical and regulatory aspects necessary for the realization of this trusted cloud project. Bleu brings a unique combination of advantages in terms of security and service offering, in particular by making available the widest range of technological innovations.”. Bleu will certainly not be the only project to come out of the ground in France. Thales and Google Cloud had also positioned themselves on the trusted cloud niche.

    According The Computer Worldother players are watching this market carefully, such as Oracle, which has just opened its second cloud region in France. IBM and AWS would also be thinking about establishing partnerships. As mentioned, Bleu plans to offer Microsoft 365 services and a wide range of Microsoft Azure services, including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, in a trusted cloud environment. Christel Heydemann, Chief Executive Officer of Orange, specifies that “Trust is at the heart of Orange’s values. It is also an essential element in the development of the French and European cloud ecosystem.”.