Campsite owner Harry discovers dune fire and immediately raises the alarm: “I’m not sure yet”

He saw the flames, was shocked and immediately called the fire brigade: campsite owner Harry Zut of camping De Zeester was one of the first to see the large dune fire at Sint Maartenszee this afternoon. The fire was a stone’s throw from his campsite. The fire is now out, but he is not completely at ease.

“It happened against the dunes. It was smoking and suddenly there were big flames that grew bigger by the minute,” says Zut. “Then you have a bit of panic. Everyone at the campsite immediately removed their car from the parking space.”

The fire brigade turned out in a big way, but could not prevent an area of ​​about two to three thousand square meters from being reduced to ashes. An investigation has yet to show how the fire could have started, but Zut already has a suspicion.

“In any case, it was not lit. The fire started thirty meters from the barbed wire where no one ever comes. I think there was glass there. That in combination with the sun,” said Zut.

Zut is relieved that the fire did not reach his campsite, but he is not yet completely confident that the fire will not flare up again. “It’s going to be a strange night. We’re always going out to have a look. You don’t know.”