Camping De Berken in Gasselte wants to expand and is talking to Aa and Hunze about a place

Camping De Berken in Gasselte may become a lot bigger. The owner wants to expand the campsite and is in talks with the municipality of Aa en Hunze to buy a piece of land. But a small group of residents of Gasselte disagree with the procedure surrounding that sale.

It concerns a piece of forest land on the north side of the campsite, of about 6600 square meters, with space for fifteen accommodations. At the moment, the nature campsite has an area of ​​3.5 hectares, with room for about 145 places.

According to the owner, expansion is necessary to remain profitable. “The company has been in our family for three generations and we would like to continue that”, says Jos van der Weide. “Or we have to sell the entire company and continue in another place. But that is not an option either.”

The intended wooded area is located between the campsite and a cemetery. According to the campsite owner, this place is the only opportunity to expand. “We prefer a different place, but that is not an option. We are surrounded by a Natura 2000 area,” says Van de Weide. “This is therefore the last piece of land adjacent to our plot where we can expand.”

There are many conditions attached to the expansion. For example, the area lies within the Drentsche Aa groundwater protection area. “We have to take groundwater into account, construct a water buffer and have geological research carried out,” says Van de Weide.

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