Café Scheiwijck in Beverwijk has been hidden from view for a few days now by a huge wall with players from Orange and national coach Louis van Gaal with the World Cup on a camel. It can’t be missed: the World Cup football is coming. Then Scheiwijck always does something special. Also, or rather precisely, when it comes to the controversial world championship in Qatar.

    Cafe boss Taylor van Marrelo explains: “I know what’s going on in Qatar and that’s not pretty. But we think it’s important to bring people together again and let them cheer together at this time. After two corona years and now the energy crisis, we are ready for that. That is why we have even unpacked this time.”

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    Football café – NH News

    The first customers trickle in and they already feel the same way as Taylor. “I think it’s all a bit far-fetched,” says one of them. “We just have to go for it.” Taylor van Marrelo nods in agreement. He understands cafes that take a different approach or streets that forgo too much exuberance because of human rights violations in the Gulf state.

    “I understand those people. On the other hand: in 2010 the World Cup was in South Africa, and human rights are also violated there. I learned that there are two subjects in the pub that you don’t talk about: politics and religion Everyone is equal in a café and that’s how it should be. We are going to have a busy, but beautiful time.”