The revelation comes from the former Brazilian midfielder with a past in Porto coached by the Portuguese

    Rumors about José Mourinho’s future continue. The Portugal question has been archived – at least for the moment – and now the Giallorossi coach finds himself on the bench of another prestigious national team. This time it’s not about that of his country of origin, but that of Brazil: after the farewell of Tite in fact, the Seleçao is still looking for a new coach. The Special One’s candidacy was relaunched by Carlos Alberto, a former Brazilian midfielder with a past in Porto coached by Mou, who “dropped the bomb” during an episode of the podcast World GV.

    The revelation

    For Carlos Alberto, who together with Mourinho won the Champions League and the Portuguese championship in 2004, the possibility of Special One landing on the green and gold bench would be far from remote: “I’m saying it directly. Maybe Mourinho will be the new coach of the national team Brazilian. This is news. He also offered me to be his assistant.” To find out the version of the person concerned, most likely, we will have to wait for the return of the Giallorossi coach to the press conference (who has a contract with Roma until 2024). It remains to be seen whether he will return to talk on the eve of the Coppa Italia match against Genoa or against Fiorentina, scheduled for Sunday 15 January at the Olimpico.