Brazil in chaos: women supporting Lula da Silva

THEBrazil in chaos. A crisis announced for two months now exploded with thousands of supporters of former president Jair Bolsonaro who stormed the palaces of power.

In Brazil democracy in danger

Yesterday, the green-gold country lived its “Capitol Hill”, the Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva called an emergency meeting. But over the 400 arrests by the police there is controversy over the delays associated with the intervention of the forces of order.

The ex-president’s supporters are jeopardizing the democracy of a legitimately voted government, but this time there are also many women to defend Lula da Silva.

Women in support of Lula da Silva

But if the supporters of the former president put democracy at risk of a legitimately voted government, this time to defend Lula da Silva there are also many women.

Both those who massively voted for him, allowing him to become the 39th president of Brazil, and those 11, an unprecedented number, which now they head key ministries within the Government.

In Brazil, key ministries in the hands of women

Just think of Anielle Franco, Minister of Racial EqualityMarielle’s sister municipal councilor of Rio de Janerio and human rights activist murdered in 2018 by armed hitmen from the right and corrupt political circles.

at three women in defense of the Amazon: Sonia GuajajaraMinister of Indigenous Peoples; Joênia Wapixanapresident of the National Indian Foundation, e Marina Silvaminister for the environment.

Women not only in important ministries, but also at the head of new ministries, such as the one created from scratch “of women” whose minister is Cida Gonçalvesfeminist activist and long-time leader of the Workers’ Party.

The department is “of all the women who make up our society: black, white, indigenous, LGBT+, from the cities, from the countryside», the newly appointed was keen to underline during the inauguration ceremony.

The fight for the right to abortion

Who will fight strenuously for a theme very dear to her: the right to abortion strongly thwartedon the contrary, by the previous former Bolsonarista minister, Damares Alves.

A very sensitive topic, on which the debate has been going on for years and which for Gonçalves is essential, despite knowing that opening a parliamentary discussion is very risky given the influence of the evangelical groups in Congresswhere Lula is in the minority.

Women also head the Banks

Returning to the key ministries, we still find Nisia Trindade to the Universal Health System, Simone Tebet to Economic Planning and the singer Menezes to Culture.

There will be two women to chair the state banksthe Caixa Econômica Federal and the Banco do Brasil.

But Brazil remains a country not for women

However, this whole female government composition must not mislead: Brazil remains a country where women remain on the margins of powerearn much lower salaries than their male colleagues and, in the public, those at the top are very few.

Not to mention more serious issues, such as the violence against womenwhich occurs as everywhere, especially within the home and which shows dizzying numbers: in the first six months of 2022, 700 cases of feminicide.

A road that of gender equality that has been put to the test by the Bolsonaro government, but that perhaps today with Lula he can start moving forward again.