boxing, heavyweight | Usyk-Lager shoots back at Fury: “Tyson bluffed and Usyk called”

The fight is far from started, but the exchange of blows between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk is already in full swing after the WBC world champion’s recent demands. In the meantime, the Ukrainian’s team has reacted to the latest announcement by the British boxing star – with great incomprehension.

Oleksandr Usyk has already willingly ceded 20 percent of the fight stock to Tyson Fury. But that’s not enough for the British. The “Gypsy King” is now demanding that the Ukrainian waive the usual rematch clause.

According to Fury, he wants to increase the stakes and make the fight an “all or nothing duel”. At least that’s what the WBC champion claimed in a video message he published on Monday. But the Usyk camp doesn’t buy that.

“Like Usyk said, the greedy gut is still hoping he can find a way out. Once Usyk accepts that there is no rematch clause, he will [Fury] look for and find something else to get out of the fight,” Usyk’s promoter Alexander Krassyuk indicated to “talkSPORT” that Fury, in his eyes, wants to avoid the duel by all means.

“Tyson bluffed and Usyk called his bluff. That’s 100 percent true. He [Fury] didn’t expect Usyk to accept the 70:30 split,” Krassyuk accused the WBC world champion of a lousy game. “He’s unprepared and afraid of the fight. He’ll try to find a way to somehow prevent the fight,” Usyk’s promoter is convinced: “We don’t trust him and we don’t believe him either.”

Spicy: According to Krassyuk, it was even Tyson Fury’s camp that insisted on a rematch clause in the first few days of the negotiations. “They asked for it and we accepted it,” said the promoter, whose thesis of the bluffing “Gypsy King” is thereby supported.

Meanwhile, Fury promoter Frank Warren assured on Monday evening that his protégé was not trying to get out of the fight. “Both boxers have agreed and the fight will increase. Now it’s all about the contracts. But they won’t be a problem,” said Warren.

Fury’s request for a rematch waiver was just a suggestion, the promoter added. “He just asked why Usyk wants a rematch,” he interpreted the WBC world champion’s words in a completely different way to the Ukrainian camp.