boxing, heavyweight | Mega fight against Tyson Fury: Oleksandr Usyk rejected this sum

As is well known, the big heavyweight summit for all important world titles between the two boxing superstars Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk is on hold. In fact, everything was already prepared. In the end, however, both camps could not agree on the financial framework. They had it all.

Because Tyson ultimately demanded 70 percent of the fight exchange and also demanded that there be no rematch, Oleksandr Usyk dropped the planned mega fight for all important world championship belts after weeks of negotiations. The Ukrainian world champion would still have made a very good cut financially with “only” 30 percent. At least that’s what the “Gypsy King” says.

The WBC champion posted a comment on his Instagram page on Monday claiming Usyk’s 30 per cent was worth a total of £13million. A proud sum. Especially against the background that the Ukrainian will now face Daniel Dubois in his next fight and will “only” get around six million US dollars (approx. 5.5 million euros) for this duel.

Fury, on the other hand, has not fought for a sum of this magnitude for a long time. The Briton is said to have received almost 30 million US dollars for his penultimate fight against Dillian Whyte, and 25 million US dollars for his most recent duel against Derek Chisora ​​– both fights were only about the WBC belt. Usyk jeopardizes three belts against Dubois.

Tyson Fury may not mourn the fight against the Ukrainian for long. Although the “Gypsy King” is currently without an opponent, rumors have recently picked up that he could soon fight Anthony Joshua. Fury’s camp is said to have already submitted a formal offer to AJ’s team. Here, too, Fury insists on an unequal distribution of the exchange, but only in a ratio of 60:40 in his favor.