boxing, heavyweight | Does the mega fight burst? Fury side reiterates tough demand on Usyk

The much-anticipated heavyweight showdown between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk is still on the brink. The side of the British boxing superstar is apparently not ready to give up their recent request. But the Ukrainian will probably not get involved in that.

The framework for a heavyweight fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk had actually already been negotiated. This is what the representatives of the two boxing superstars have repeatedly said in recent weeks. It was always said that there were only final details to be clarified and that the fight would soon be officially approved. But that was obviously nothing more than hot promoter air.

Because the fight is now likely to take place in Great Britain, the Fury side refuses to accept a 50:50 split in the fight exchange. The Gypsy King and his team want a bigger piece of the pie. It is obvious that Usyk’s representatives do not want to get involved. As a result, the negotiations are threatened not only with standstill, but even with termination.

That, in turn, does not interest the Fury side at all. As father John Fury explained to “iD Boxing”, the “Gypsy King” team is not prepared to deviate from the tough demand. “Treat Tyson like the great champion he is. Stop trying to be the A-side. Usyk is not on par with Tyson,” chimed Papa Fury.

Usyk should kindly get in line, John Fury rumbled: “Then he’ll get this fight. If they don’t respect Tyson, they won’t get him. It’s that simple.”

Fury’s father sounds: Usyk “should stand in line”

His son is the main actor in this game, emphasized the father of the WBC world champion. Usyk simply does not deserve a 50:50 split. “He [Usyk] couldn’t fill the O2 arena. So get him in the back line so he might get the fight.”

However, the fact that the Ukrainian will voluntarily forego a few million euros is wishful thinking on the Fury side. Usyk promoter Alexander Krassyuk emphasized just a few weeks ago that his team will insist on a 50:50 split and will not accept any other offer. Unless that was just the usual saber-rattling, the fight that many fans had been hoping for is actually a long way off again.